Regular Volunteer

Anyone can become a “regular volunteer member” of Mystic Grove after 6-12 months of attending and participating regularly.  This way you can get to know us and make sure we’re the right fit for you. Membership month is every August and new forms can be submitted at that time for consideration.

  • “Regular Volunteer Membership” shall be open to individuals regardless of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, physical disability, religious or national origin, social condition or gender identity.
  • Regular Volunteers affirm sympathy with the Principles and Purposes of the UUA and with the purposes of the Mystic Grove as stated in its bylaws. They agree to the Code of Conduct.  They do not need to belong to First Unitarian or any other UU congregation.
  • Regular Volunteers are required to attend one ritual and one meeting a year and have a volunteer form on file.
  • Regular Volunteer membership is open to persons 18 years of age or older. Parental participation is encouraged.
  • Regular Volunteers may co-lead ritual, host classes, teach craft circles, and more. They may not hold office or vote on governance issues.
  • As a Regular Volunteer, you are expected to complete the volunteer job(s) you signed up to do to the best of your ability. Should something happen you are expected to notify an officer that there is a problem in timely fashion so a replacement can be found.
  • Membership lasts for a year with the option to renew in August.

Request a Volunteer Form

If you are interested becoming a regular volunteer member, you can download a copy of the Mystic Grove bylaws and a membership form from the documents page to get familiar with them.