welcomeWe want you to feel welcome and comfortable participating at the level you feel best at.

Path  to Membership

We encourage people to just start coming to meetings and events. Just check us out. No strings, no commitments.

Later if you want to help “on the day” you can become a casual volunteer.  Show up an hour earlier to help set up ritual or hang back to help clean it up.  You can also request to teach one class or host one craft circle as a guest teacher. No strings, small “on the day” commitments when you feel like it.  We suggest spending 6-12 mos at this level to get to know us and make sure this is the group for you.  A mixed UU Pagan group will not suit everyone.

Yellow Form

Ready to teach a class series or have greater volunteer responsibilities?   At that point you can become a “Regular Volunteer Member” that volunteers regularly with a yellow form on file for a year.  We suggest spending 12 mos. at this level.  You do not have to be a member of a Unitarian Universalist congregation at this level.

White Form

Later still if you want more responsibilities? You can become a “Voting Member” with a white form on file for a year.  At this level, you must belong to First Unitarian or belong to another UU congregation elsewhere in Florida or the Church of the Larger Fellowship.

Tiers of Participation

We have a few familiar faces who choose to be “Perpetual Guests” and that is ok too.

Donations are always welcome to support us in our work. You don’t even have to attend anything to enjoy what we do in the community and donate.

Learn more about what each tier involves to help you find the level you feel best at.

Feel free to ask questions by emailing us at

MG Tiers of Membership


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