Lunar Rituals



Unlike our Solar celebrations that are “Open Circles” and and welcome all ages any time as “drop in” guests, our Lunar celebrations are organized differently

Moon Circles have two types of students.

In Person: These are “Closed Circles” that are limited to 10. Childcare is not provided. This allows the Moon Circles to provide a safe space for listening, sharing, and fostering deeper connections. We will take new students until all 10 spots are filled. These students interact in person as well as in the Facebook group.

Distance Learner: There are 20+ spots available for the “at home players” who want to participate but are unable to attend in person.  These students interact over Facebook to get the “Moon Circle Lite” experience.  You get all the handouts, and your “digital moon circle” discusses online rather than in person. Ritual you do on your own from the ritual file.


Moon Circles are held at 7 PM in Room 1 on 4th Fridays.  There is a reminder posted a week before the class, and files are posted the day after the ritual on the FB group the following day.

In between, we can interact and discuss in the Facebook group. 


At the first session, each new group makes its covenant agreement for the series — how we agree to be together. This ensures the group agreement reflects the values of that particular grouping, and their time is spent having healthy, meaningful experiences and not arguing over process.

The in person group disbands at the the end of the series. A new Moon Circle is formed for the next block.  The “Digital Moon Circle” also disbands and a new one is formed.


This year’s themes are inspired by Gathering for Goddess by B. Melusine Mihaltses.  Both men and women can attend as we study different deities each month.  There will be a main deity plus a few extra for homework reading. Handouts are digital.


10 “In Person” students who commit to meet once a month for 6 months in person on 4th Fridays. All spots FULL. No more accepted.

These students get it all:

  • The class slides and discussion in person
  • being in the ritual in person
  • the handouts
  • getting to know people in person and on Facebook Group.

Tuition for the series is $30 to buy the ritual supplies.

Optional extra $5-$10 toward the scholarship fund.  Please have tuition in cash or check at the first class.

20+  “At Home Players.”

Students who choose to be distance learners in a Closed Facebook group.

These students get most of it:

  • The class slides and discussion opportunities online.
  • the ritual file
  • the handouts
  • getting to know people on Facebook Group.

Tuition is free, but donations welcome to support the scholarship fund.



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